Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall


In March this year Hadrian’s Wall Heritage organised a line of torches along the whole of Hadrian’s Wall, from coast to coast, to mark the 1600th anniversary of the end of Roman rule in Britain. (I am not entirely sure that this is something to celebrate, after all, a civilisation that has underfloor heating in their houses is, well, civilised. But that’s beside the point.)

When you drive from London up north along the A1, there are signs saying simply “The North”. I wonder if it ever says “This is the North” or “You have arrived” or something of the sort. I suppose one would have to go all the way to Dunnet Head to find out. Which reminds me of a friend’s satnav, which instead of home led him to the gates of a nearby cemetery, where it announced “You have arrived at your destination.” But that’s also beside the point.


The traffic along the Wall was so heavy that we arrived after the line had been lit, but there was still plenty of time to use the mighty 14-24 mm Nikkor which I had hired for the occasion.


There was a group of people in charge of each torch and some Roman legionaries and ladies as well.



All these photos are handheld, by the way.


The second line of light, visible on the right side of the photo below, is from all the cars stuck in the narrow line running along the Wall – the event was very popular.


_ENG1980s  _ENG1981_100crop


There are more photos in this Flickr set.


~ by veronikab on 7 August, 2010.

2 Responses to “Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall”

  1. Arrived by tagsurfer of roman britian from wordpress, an interest we share. We woz there as well, but your photos are way better!


  2. You’ve got such an eye for this!

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