Snow in St Albans

Six inches of snow fall in the South East of England, all traffic (including the tube!) grinds to a standstill, schools are closed and commuters are stuck at home. The worst snowfall for 18 years. Catastrophy! Much worse than in January, when the BBC warned that some cities are due to suffer lows of -5 degrees C. Arctic snap indeed.

st_albans_winter_167   st_albans_winter_173

Adverse weather conditions? What adverse weather conditions? Half the town turned up in the St Albans park next to the cathedral. No one seemed adversely affected. Quite the contrary, all generations were clearly enjoying themselves:

St Albans and its citizens on a wintry day

The rest of the town was mostly deserted. Of course, most people were in the park.

st_albans_winter_155   st_albans_winter_146
st_albans_winter_160 st_albans_winter_189 st_albans_winter_166

The Verulamium park is known for housing birds and the oldest inn in England:

st_albans_winter_203   st_albans_winter_181

The walk to Gorhambury House is pleasant at any time of the year. It passes a farm, so there are often sheep around, and the views are of Hertfordshire countryside at its best. And then there is the Gorhambury park, too.

st_albans_winter_213   Winter view from Gorhambury walk at Maynes farm
Gorhambury park in winter   Gorhambury park in winter

Due to its location, one day’s travel by coach from London, St Albans used to have several streets lined with inns. Some of them still survive, like the Six Bells and the Rose and Crown in Fishpool Street.

The Six Bells pub in St Albans under snow   The Six Bells pub in St Albans under snow   The Six Bells pub sign under snow   The Rose & Crown pub sign under snow

Today was the second day of “adverse weather conditions”, so the trains still did not operate, the sky was cloudless and the sun shone. The cedar planted next to the cathedral by some Duchess or other was still covered in snow:

St Albans Cathedral St Albans Cathedral French Row, St Albans

The bricks which the cathedral tower is built from are recycled Roman bricks. The Normans took them from the ruins of the old settlement, Verulamium, when they decided to build a grand cathedral on the place of a smaller Saxon one. (A propaganda job, as one of the city guides puts it.)

St Albans cathedral under snow   Snow in Fishpool Street, St Albans

More photos (many more) in this Flickr set.


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3 Responses to “Snow in St Albans”

  1. Great photos. Sharp and crisp. Make me want to visit this place. Its beautiful. Good luck to you.

  2. very nice pics..

  3. Thank you.

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