Kamakura part three

Quite unlike the collection of Zen temples, there is only one large Shinto temple in Kamakura and it is in the town itself. We saw many Japanese families with children there, dressed in fantastic kimonos. Our colleagues in Tsukuba later said that it might have been the Shichi-Go-San day, although it was not the correct date – apparently it can vary depending on the place. Shichi-Go-San means seven-five-three and it is a day to present girls of three and seven and boys of five in a Shinto temple. From what I heard it used to be so because once a child reached that age, it had a good chance of survival. I am generally unmoved by children of any age or by happy families of people I do not know, but these families looked fabulous. It was clearly a very important day for every family member and for the family as a whole. My finger itched to press the shutter. But it would have been intrusive to photograph family celebrations, so I photographed only the temple itself and a bonsai exhibition. (You could hear my teeth gritting, though.)

Kamakura, shinto temples   Bonsai

Bonsai   Bonsai

However. There were also three traditional weddings taking place and, in my opinion, weddings are fair game. Below is the procession with the bride, the bride herself, and the mothers-in-law from one of the wedding.

Kamakura, traditional wedding  Kamakura, traditional wedding, the bride  Kamakura, traditional wedding, mothers-in-law

Here are the previous entries from Kamakura: Engaku-ji and Kencho-ji and here is my Kamakura set of photos.


~ by veronikab on 2 December, 2008.

2 Responses to “Kamakura part three”

  1. Indeed, my Japanese friends tell me that they would be disappointed if no foreign tourists snapped pictures of their weddings! The first few times I saw them I used to go right up to the professional photographer and snap away! Once I had a huge medium format camera with full gear and the guests started posing for me as they thought I was the pro hired to take their photos. Hilarious!

  2. I have to try that next time! 🙂

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