There is a damn space between the damn number and its damn unit! Damn! I.e., 20 eV, not 20eV or, damn, heaven forbid, 20ev! Damn! Sigh.


~ by veronikab on 3 October, 2008.

2 Responses to “Typography”

  1. So why do journal articles omit such spaces? Not knowing whether the space should be inserted, I have often wondered about this. Supposedly newspapers omit the final comma in a series such as “horse, dog and cat” to save spaces. This practice bugs me to no end too. Omitting the comma can create confusion if more than one “and” occurs in the series.

  2. I guess they just do not care much about typography… Sadly, many (Czech) newspapers do not care about grammar either… I agree about the comma, that is just plain wrong.

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