Oxfam Herts Hike 2008 – part one

The St Albans branch of Oxfam organises a hike every September. The choice of distances is from three to 18 miles plus a “mini hike” and the organisation is superb. They have even managed to secure perfect weather for the day in the last two years…

We set off from Wheathampstead and came upon a pasture with Shetland ponies. They did not seem interested in us, but after I took out a baguette and started to eat it, they all came over to check out if there was something on offer. There wasn’t and I felt really mean…

Wheathampstead   Shetland ponies

Shetland ponies   Feeding a Shetland pony
Still, maybe they found the grass from the other side of the fence greener after all.

On we went, meeting some very relaxed sheep and coming to a very nice village (I will not use the word picturesque, even though it was just that).

Sheep in shade   Village roofs

Windows and roses   Garden behind a wall

Next came some horses, but I am running out of time so I will continue later. In the meantime, all the photos are in my Flickr set named “Oxfam Herts Hike 2008”.


~ by veronikab on 24 September, 2008.

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