Hertfordshire County Western archery match

There were only three people in my category, but it still counts as a win! Come to think of it, this is the first medal I ever got in my life – if I do not count the medals everyone gets for finishing a race. I am proud of these as well, because finishing a 10K run is an achievement, but there is still a difference.

The scoring sheet had a neat table with the usual categories: “Lady”, “Gent”, “Junior boy/girl”. Somehow seeing a tick by “Lady” made me picture the judges examining the score sheets, asking “Is she a lady?” when they see a female name and then putting a tick down – or not… It would be especially appropriate and perhaps unsurprising in the venue where this year’s County Western was held – Haileybury College. Hats off to Herts Archery Association for securing such a place!

Unfortunately, my score, 589 on the Western round, was six points short of the requirement for first class, which is 595. Bother. Bets on whether I make first class this outdoor season are not accepted, because the combination of bad weather and shorter days means there will not be much more chance to shoot outdoors this year.


~ by veronikab on 9 September, 2008.

6 Responses to “Hertfordshire County Western archery match”

  1. Congratulations on your score!

    The comment about the category “Lady” reminded me that I have often wondered why the LPGA isn’t the WPGA. Oh well. Here in California, where I can practice outdoors all year long (that wasn’t meant to be snarkish, but I’m sure it will be interpreted that way regardless), they only ask if I’m “male” or “female.” It’s not so easy to appear lady-like when one is dressed in hiking boots and jeans, carrying a longbow, shooting at 3D animal simulacra.

  2. Thank you, Luna! The thought of the score still gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

    Perhaps LPGA isn’t WPGA because they want to limit the number of members? 😉

    Nothing snarkish about Californian weather, wish we had it here as well. Actually I started with archery in California…

    I agree about the dress, too. I would like to wear a skirt for archery, but it would not go well with the hiking boots. Maybe when we go indoors. (There might be an advantage to shorter days and worse (even worse, that is) weather after all…)

  3. I shot at an event last May – Western States Traditional Rendezvous – on Memorial Day Weekend. Spent all day Friday driving to the event, survived a night of howling winds in a tent, and woke up Saturday morning to unforecasted rain. It was supposed to be a bright, sunshiny Spring weekend in northern California! Everybody from my club gathered around the coffee pot to talk about weather conditions, and we finally decided that we hadn’t driven all that way in holiday traffic just to watch it rain!

    With that determination in mind, many improvised rain slickers were constructed out of trash bags. An umbrella lives permanently behind the driver’s seat of my truck, along with an emergency rain pancho, so I was among the better dressed of the archers that day.

    So we tramped around the muddy hills of a working cow ranch (I mention that so that you’ll know what we had to avoid on the ground, even in our hiking boots) in the rain, our cedar arrows absorbing water at different rates, affecting arrowflight almost randomly until my method of aiming was: “Am I aiming in the general direction of the target? Okay, loose!”

    We shot 40 targets that day in these conditions.

    I mention this just so you know that even in California, the weather can be an adventure!

    On Sunday, the sun shone brightly, and temperatures were in the 80’s F., and I actually had a lower per-target average than I did on Saturday. Still came in third, though! I attribute that to the fact that the really good archers didn’t want to get their equipment wet.


  4. Luna, what a brilliant story and congratulation on your third! I think it is actually only the good archers that are willing to get their equipment wet. 🙂

    Here in the UK many archers own small tents which they set up behind the shooting line. I used to think that’s wimpy, but not any more… Not after experiencing two UK “summers”…

  5. Veronika, The Autumn Western States Traditional Rendezvous will be this weekend, September 27 & 28th, held at the same cattle ranch. I would be happy to post photographs for you if you’d like to see them.


    (Uh oh. Guess I’d better get the digital camera repaired. Or do film.)


  6. Lune, That would be nice, if it is not too much trouble for you – I know very well how time consuming is to digitize photos taken on film. Good luck at the Rendezvous!

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