A boat trip to Hřensko

Just at the Czech-German border on the river Labe (Elbe) lies Hřensko (do not even ask about the pronunciation), a collection of a few houses and the start of a trip to Hřensko sandstone gorges. They may be smaller than Gorges du Verdon and others, but they do have a lot of charm. This post, however, is not about them, the reason for which will become apparent later on.

Labe (Elbe) in Decin   Labe (Elbe) between Decin and Hrensko

It was the first day of the season for the Dĕčín-Hřensko boat and clearly the first day on a boat for some of the crewmen. The interior of the boat itself had not been quite finished when the city authorities, who partly fund the boat cruises, decided that the season should start, so the crew had to boil water for coffee on a gas burner (it was kind of them, as it was a lot of hassle, because there were no electrical kettles on board and one of the crew members did mumble something about this being his own supply of coffee) and warn us about wet paint on the top deck…

Labe (Elbe) between Decin and Hrensko Labe (Elbe) between Decin and Hrensko Boat on Labe (Elbe) between Decin and Hrensko

The reason we did not have time to see the gorges was simply that it took the crew 40 minutes to dock the boat in Hřensko. They seemed slightly bewildered about what to do with the moorings and kept pulling at them ineffectively, shouting encouragement to each other, for example “Don’t worry, you’ll soon learn that, it’s just a matter of practice.” They did get a lot of practice that day…

decin_274Labe (Elbe) between Decin and Hrensko   Labe (Elbe) between Decin and Hrensko

Here are a few photos of the entrance to the gorges.

Hrensko sandstone gorges Hrensko sandstone gorges Hrensko sandstone gorges

On the way back the crew member whose task was to loosen the moorings was not quick enough to jump back on the boat and was left on the jetty. Some of the passengers offered him a lift back to Dĕčín in the car of their friends who had come to see them off, but the boat eventually got close enough again for him to jump in.

We docked in three minutes in Dĕčín. Clearly practice does make perfect.

There are more photos from the trip in this Flickr set and also some on this Squidoo lens.


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