The Pinnacles Trail – San Bernardino National Forest

Conferences do have their advantages in addition to the scientific bit. You get to see places you normally would not even think of travelling to. Plus, the most interesting science related talks usually take place on hikes and similar. I loathe panel discussions, they are formal and generally useless.

The Pinnacles Trail in the San Bernardino National Forest (Southern California) leads through landscape I find quite unbelievable. It is dry, exposed, at relatively high altitude and full of rocks of shapes that many a sculptor would (or should, in case of some modern “artists”) sell his/her right hand for. (Or left, in case of a left handed sculptor.) Here is an iguana and a pelican

and some sort of a penguin:
Here is a turtle:
And this reminds me of a very beautiful Zimbabwean sculpture of a mother and child I saw several years ago:

More photos on my Flickr page.


~ by veronikab on 19 June, 2008.

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