Hmm, I have finally submitted my photos for approval at Photoshelter. The problem was that the image files I get from scanning my slides (and there are hundreds of slides scanned and yet to be scanned) cause weird errors in the Photoshelter uploader. I had spent an hour or two trying to figure out what was wrong, but before you upload the photos for your application, you cannot access even the forums, so a nice little Catch 22 here. So I gave up, though from the little contact I have had with the Photoshelter support I got the impression they are very helpful and would help if I asked. I just could not be bothered to ask… Fortunately the jpg images from my digital camera seem properly indexed or whatever is the problem, so I submitted some of these. We will see. I may yet get to read those forums and eventually leave Flickr. The reason why I would prefer Photoshelter to Flickr is simply because Photoshelter watermarks the photos before showing a large version, but Flickr does not. So I would have to scale down all the photos I batch upload on Flickr and again, I can’t be bothered. Fingers crossed for my Photoshelter application, then.

WordPress people, hello, any chance of a Photoshelter widget? 🙂


~ by veronikab on 19 June, 2008.

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