About foreign languages

I was sitting in an Indian restaurant the evening after I arrived in LA. There were only two more guests and they seemed to talk German with the waiter. It seemed slightly strange to me. Later, after they had left, the waiter came over to my table and asked whether I speak German. This was getting surreal – an Indian restaurant in Westwood, California, and the waiter asks me if I speak German! I said that as a matter of fact I do speak some German (more on my very long struggle with German in some other blog entry)… It turned out that the waiter had spent some time in Germany and thought that my accent sounded European and perhaps German. Why, WHY do people tell me I have a German accent? I do not have a German accent, although I do have an accent in English, obviously.

Anyway, I asked the waiter whether he had spoken German with the couple at the other table, but he was quite surprised, saying that the people were American and that he only spoke English with them. Very surreal indeed.


~ by veronikab on 14 June, 2008.

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