Paper on automatic data distribution published

Yay! It took a very long time. In a computer simulation which runs on a parallel computer (a computer with many processors), data need to be distributed among the processors – in the type of calculations I do each processors gets assigned a number of atoms that it is responsible for. The challenge was to make assigning the atoms clever (atoms close to each other should be on the same processor), automatic, independent on the number of processors, and the result balanced. Which this algorithm does. There are of course many approaches to this problem and other people have done other clever things, but I am very happy my solution and with this particular paper. It is available online free of charge for one month at the Joural Physics: Condensed Matter website. I did write it in a way that would enable the reader to implement the algorithm relatively easily, too.


~ by veronikab on 5 June, 2008.

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