The Hoyt Recurve Backpack

I was not able to find any images of how the new Hoyt recurve backpack looks inside online, until Allvyn kindly posted them on Archery Interchange. (I am looking at you, Hoyt! What sort of marketing is this?)

Anyhow, now I got my own, I took some shots (pun not intended) as well. Click on the thumbnails to view a larger photo. The first is a front view:
Front view of the Hoyt recurve backpack The slight indentation on the top left (right on the photo) is the pocket for an arrow tube. There is a pocket on the left side of the bag, intended for stabilisers. The problem is that, even though the pocket is probably long enough to accommodate a 28in longrod, there is no way to put it in, because the opening is too short. The longrod can, however, be put with the arrows. This is the front pocket opened:
Front pocked of the Hoyt recurve backpack opened. This pocket is quite flat and obviously intended for papers, pens and the like. The next one has small pockets (they close with velcro): Second pocket on the Hoyt Recurve Backpack. Here is the main pocket opened – the opening is only on the side of the bag. There are two smaller pockets sewn inside the main one, for the riser and limbs:
The main pocket in the Hoyt recurve backpack

There is also a pocket on top of the bag:
The top pocket of the Hoyt recurve backpack with the bag cover
which contains a nice “raincoat” for the backpack:
A rain cover for the Hoyt recurve backpack. It can cover the whole bag though the photo does not show it.

The bottom of the bag is reinforced and sturdy. The backpack sits quite well on my back, though I have not yet tried to walk any distance with it. There is also a strap from one shoulder strap to the other, but I find it uncomfortable, so will not be using it.

Overall, I like the bag. It is practical, even my quiver fits in, and so will a bottle of water and a jacket. And it does look pretty, too. I will post an update after I will have used it for some time, which is something I am looking forward to doing.


~ by veronikab on 22 May, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Hoyt Recurve Backpack”

  1. Thanks for your review! To answer your question, it is “minimalist” marketing on Hoyt’s part- the backpack wildly exceeded their expectations for demand, and there’s no real desire to over-market the thing because supplies are limited…

  2. I see. Have I just thrown a spanner in Hoyt’s marketing plan? 😉 I can understand the demand, though – I have been looking for such a backpack for ages.

  3. sheikh says : I absolutely agree with this !

  4. thank you for the review. i am a junior archery and have been looking for a backpack. at the moment i have a fieldlocker whici i can not fit my quiver into. i find a backpack would be the bst solution so thank you again.

  5. Thanks, Ross. I am glad you find the review helpful.

  6. […] Hoyt recurve backpack follow-up review As promised in the original review, here is a follow-up. I have been using the Hoyt recurve backpack for several months now and it is […]

  7. thanks for the review. finaly i can buy something and not have any 2nd guessing if i bought something right or not

  8. I have this bag and also the Legend Archery Streamline. Due to quality issues I can not use the Hoyt anymore, it only lasted 2 months. SO far been using Streamline for 12 months !

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