I was reading Hertfordshire Life this morning, something I do not do very often, but I got this issue because there seems to be an article on Tring, which I visited last week en route to the Chilterns. The first article my eyes fell on was called “Aldbury: Be Here Now” and had even a photo of the inn I mentioned in my earlier post, including the village pond. The next article was titled “Take a step back in time” and was about a walk through the Chilterns…

Then I found an ad for an exhibition of Zimbabwean art in Knebworth, which reminded me of a great workshop in Shona sculpture I took several years ago in Berlin (a step back in time indeed), where I sculpted a cat with the help of a Zimbabwean sculptor.* The cat was even exhibited in a gallery in Berlin Mitte as part of a show of works created during the workshop. It looked rather rough compared to the other finished, highly polished works, but it stood there on a plinth, bearing the title “Unfinished cat” and my name and is so far my highest achievement in the world of art galleries.

Then I turned onto an article which read: “Are you inspired by the woods of the Chilterns? Or are you a local artist who could try your hand at trees and woods?” There seems to be an art competition organised within the Special Woods and Trees of the Chilterns project and they are calling for entries. All right, all right! I can take a hint. Where are my brushes…

*I do not want to post names of people online without their permission, although I do remember them.


~ by veronikab on 18 May, 2008.

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