Beechwoods and chalk hills in Hertfordshire

As I picked up the two rolls of film from the counter, I remarked casually to the shop assistant that it was difficult to find a shop which keeps Fuji Provia in the fridge (you can already tell I am a Provia addict). He looked vaguely around the shop and said: “Well, we really only keep it in the fridge because there’s no space on the shelf!” Seeing my stricken look, he hastened to reassure me that these particular rolls had been stored properly ever since they arrived, honestly, of course we keep professional films in the fridge… But I have my doubts.

I put the first roll to a test on a recent trip to the Chiltern hills. The Chilterns are chalk hills in Hertfordshire, not far from London, and fully deserve their classification “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”. They are outstanding and they are beautiful. And I should have stuck to photographing nature rather than try to get a good shot of the Greyhound Inn in Aldbury. As I walked around with my eyes fixed on the building, searching for the best view, I took one step too many and crashed to the ground. (Mind you, it could have been worse. Two more meters and I could have ended up in the village pond.) A passer-by ran towards me, asking if I was all right, and watched bemusedly as I first checked the cameras and then my limbs. He helped me up and asked what I had been doing. “I was photographing that inn,” I mumbled. “I work in that inn,” he said, “you can go and wash the scratches there and I’ll come back and bring some sticking plaster.” I did wait in the inn for about half an hour, but when he did not seem to be coming back, I limped to the village shop and bought some antiseptic, sticking plaster and painkillers and thus equipped set off to explore the Chilterns. (I hereby apologise to the kind gentleman for not waiting longer.)

Ah, what about my injuries, you may ask? The sum total was a strained ankle, bruised knee, scratched wrist and several scratches on the LCD of the brand new camera. Well done, Veronika, well done.

I walked about 15 km (9.4 miles for the metrically challenged), mostly through beechwoods and on grass covered hills. The landscape is breathtaking, lots of empty space, peace and quiet. And aren’t beech trees beautiful. Here are some photos from the digital camera. More to come later, when I scan the Provia slides – they turned out perfect, so they probably had been in the fridge the whole time after all…


~ by veronikab on 15 May, 2008.

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